How to start garlic from bulbs

DAY 1 – Pick a bulb of your choice and select healthy cloves and place them upright with water just covering the lower part for the roots

DAY 2 – Roots start showing up on most of the cloves

DAY 5 – You should start seeing sprouts by this time, also you can discard any of the cloves that doesn’t have any root growth. Re-fill with water as required.

DAY 8 – They are ready to be transplanted!!


Planting directly in the soil on day 1 needs you to water them everyday until you see sprouts. This method saves on water big time.

Best companion plant for cole family (Cabbage, brussel Sprouts & cauliflower) as garlic repels cabbage worms

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  1. vids246

    Pretty Cool!! I would love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing and the pictures are very helpful. Good job with the picutres!!

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