Getting Started With Composting

  • Container doesn’t have to be fancy, It could be as simple as a large trashcan that you already have that is collecting green waste, You might want to drill holes in them to aerate or not, if you intend to rotate the pile more often
  • Alternate the layers with dry(dried leaves, coir, straw) & wet(Kitchen waste, grass clippings & older plants from the garden) ingredients. More variety is better to get even distribution of nutrients
  • Add a few shovels of the garden soil to get the process started
  • Rotate the pile every other week to make sure it’s aerated, to help microbes do their work

And here are few things to make sure it’s working

  • The size of the pile should get shrunk significantly
  • You see the pile sweating and staying hot

And finally after about 3months, when the compost if dark as soil without any sign of what was added to it. Its ready to added to the soil.

Happy Composting!!

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