HOW TO: Neem Oil Spray (PICS)

Quick and easy article to get a 1 Gallon neem oil spray. Works well for various pests, including aphids, ants and fungus. Beware this will also deter the beneficial insects, which might not be idle in all cases. So use this only when the pests are in large numbers that aren’t […]

7 Indian Farm Tech Startups

Rainbow Agri: Internet of Farmers, Their great set of award winning mobile apps connect farmers to buy & sell their products and most importantly communicate among them. They are active on facebook with quality content, Wish their video and content could be in English to have better reach, they are based […]

10 Things To Consider Before Switching To Agriculture

#1: Start Small Test your skills in a small area, backyard will be a good start. Learn the fundamentals: Soil preparation, Composting, watering schedule, weed management and organically dealing with pests. Do this for at least an year or two to understand the seasons and its effects on crops. And of-course […]